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“We plan you plant”, yes, our motive is very clear and subtle. We believe in planning and managing your garden extravagantly with our variant services. Our garden service experts are highly trained to look into your imagination and bring the plants to life. We provide multiple gardening services such as Garden Maintenance Services, Podium Garden Services, Garden Designing & Development,“Lawn Grass Services” is locked Lawn Grass Services, Roof Garden Services. These services help your garden stay alive and healthy & green and fresh. We at Shine Green Agriculture nurture your garden to blossom. Our services for plantation involves different procedures depending on the variety of plants. Some may need more water, some may need more sunshine. We also take care of the services like repotting, fertilizing, cleaning, humidity. Shine Green Agriculture also contains soil experts that are trained to analyse the type of soil a plant or a tree needs. Hence, variant type of soils are sold herewith.